Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is the nicest goal that i've ever seen.

It's has been a long time since my last post:P
Life is getting nicer and nicer. Everything's even better than i could imagine.

I was suppose to be in ou yesterday with DarrenMH, Jenn and Feeza but my mum doesn't let me to go ou and she only allow me to go for sports so I Went to Tropicana Club House with Dick face JJ, "BOB", REN, and Joanne.
My day was great. After the badminton, i went to eat with them. After that, went to library cause "BOB" wanna visit his friend, name ASS. Well, it's only her nickname:D
And and.. I got stucked there. DAMN, i can't even get a cab to go home.
So end up i can just call my uncle to fetch me-.-

Joanne introduce a friend to me? Name Jane?
ahaha actually i have already known her because we used her name to prank call Joanne:D

Will be going OU with the twins, WayWen, and Leon tomorrow. To shop and to watch movie.
Hope it'll be nice and funny:D

I don't want my blog to die:D
will update more often...

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