Sunday, June 7, 2009


I know you all will say that my posting is a miracle because i seldom blog right!
I had a gathering with primary school's friends today!Actually, it's nice but also funny..
All of us don't know what to chat and what to do because we are not close to each other..So it's a bit boring.We was only eat at there..nothing else=.=

Sorry my friends, i have to go home early because i have no transport as my mom can only fetch me at 4 o'clock!!sorry sorry, i am sure that the coming gathering will be better and better lar!!!!

PeiJi-You look much more mature HUH but you are too quiet larrrr.So can i follow you and Rujen to pavilion tomorrow ??xD
Jenq-Your size is too big la..Go to reduce your weight la..
haha.But i envy your size la cause i am too "slim"><

Joanne. HAHA you lost again><
you cant go into Semi-final jor..PITY la..i knew that you wont be sad right?
You have tried your best!

Lakers vs Magic and leading with 1-0..
Lakers will be the winner of 2009 season..YEAH

I do want to watch 17 again..
anyone does want to watch with me?!Bored

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